Tapping endless opportunities to make everyday life better

Unifying theme of our investments is the strategy to redesign and improve everyday living, leveraging cutting edge technologies and innovative business models

Who we are

We are a technology-focused investment company with interests spanning across InfraTech, FinTech, EdTech, AgriTech, ConsumerTech, MedTech and other tech-enabled sectors.

We value creativity & innovation, and pursue teams & businesses that will redefine technology sectors, industries, markets and the way we live.

Our mission is to better the lives of the larger society through investment into education and economic development.

Primary focus areas


Automation solutions that enable increasing efficiencies of time and cost in areas of infrastructure construction and maintenance


Technologies aiming to make financial services more accessible to the general public through usage of mobile and media


Application software technologies that enable better engaging and connecting with today’s digitally empowered consumers


Digital education and learning technologies, that allow engaging learners in new ways and reduce the cost of teaching


New technologies that can help agriculture-linked businesses operate more efficiently, including drones, AgriBots, and IoT

Our approach

People before ideas

Business idea matters, however the person who can make it a reality matters even more. Investing in people, we invest in our company, and society at large.

Value Add

We promote vertical and horizontal interactions throughout businesses utilizing our strategic, operational and networking expertise.

Invest early

Early investment is our focus, with occasional growth equity and buyouts. We build trust relations for years and are supportive when things skew from plan.

Our geographies

We are Ukraine based company, with global focus and operations


US, Canada


Eastern Europe


Central Asia, Middle East